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Did you know the personal statement is often weighted as the most impactful single factor of all to increase or decrease your chances of admission (by as much as 10x) when considered against other comparable applicants?

Convert the dread of the blinking cursor into your greatest admission advantage in easy bite-sized steps. 

Our uniquely practical writing method gives students not only the what of stand out essays, but more importantly the how. At Felix, we believe a better process makes for a better product because 1) how you feel when you write translates into how admissions officers feel when they read about you, and 2) if you feel inspired, you will write more, better, and faster, which is important when you are stretched in senior year. 

  • Adopt our uniquely practical writing process for a more readable, memorable product

  • Think like admissions officers when you evaluate real, relatable essays

  • Learn tactics for deepening your connection to your admissions reader

  • Develop your authentic voice - a superpower of those “in the know”

  • Cultivate your unique list of your most advantageous topics

  • Weave in all 4 layers of a Felix Exemplary essay to stand out from “samey-same”

  • Avoid myths that perpetuate common essay mistakes

  • Strike perfect tone of conversational, but polished

  • Reveal personal feelings and experiences without risking over-exposure

  • Use our secret code to answering the real question, buried in subtext

  • Highlight the patterns, themes, and precise experiences to draft and craft your best essays

In Just A Few Transformational Days You will learn to:

Overcome paralysis, confusion, and fear to step into a process that elicits joy, momentum, and inspiration that is contagious to the reader in the final product.


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